exclusively yours® card Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exclusively yours® card and how do I use it?
The exclusively yours® card is a stored-value, point-based re-loadable card. Simply put your Card into your wallet or purse and get ready to redeem at a wide array of participating retail, travel and entertainment merchants or through the exclusively yours® rewards collection at www.awardhq. com.
How does the exclusively yours® card work?
You may request to have Award Points earned in the Champions Program moved onto a personalized exclusively yours® card. One point equals $1.00 (U.S. dollar) in purchasing power. When used at retail locations, your Card “swipes” through point of sale systems and your points are deducted electronically. Award Card information and 24/7 customer service is available through the toll-free number provided on the back of your Card. You may call this number to obtain your available point balance or receive the most current merchant list. (see also www.eycardonline.com )
How do I move award points onto an exclusively yours® card?
All Award Points will be deposited into your personal Award Bank Account. You may move your points to an exclusively yours® card by logging onto www.awardhq.com and selecting Move Points. You must move a minimum of 25 points. You may move all your earned award points or only a portion of them. A personalized exclusively yours® card will be sent to your home address with in 10 – 14 days of your request. Once you have an exclusively yours card, all future points that you request to be moved will be applied to that card’s balance. After being issued an exclusively yours® card, you will receive:
  • An Issuance Pack containing your personalized exclusively yours® card, card terms and conditions, and a merchant directory (your card may only be used at merchants featured in this directory and on www.eycardonline.com)
  • Transaction Summaries: sent periodically, summarizing transactions during the cycle exclusively yours®
  • Magazine: published bi-annually
How can I get a list of merchants who accept the exclusively yours® card?
There is a complete list of merchants listed at the bottom of this document. For a complete list of participating merchants, you can also go to www.eycardonline.com. As a first-time visitor who does not have a card yet, log in as a guest. Once you have an exclusively yours card, simply enter in your card number when you log in.
Can I move points on my exclusively yours® card back to my Awards Bank Account?
No, you may move points from the Award Bank Account to exclusively yours® but not vice-versa.
How do I check the points available on my exclusively yours® card?
Before you shop using your exclusively yours® card be sure to check your available Award Point Balance on your card. Call the number on the back of your card or visit www.eycardonline.com to obtain your available number of Award Points.
Can I still shop at the on-line Champions Awards Site?
You may also shop on the Champions Awards Site of merchandise and travel using your exclusively yours® card. To order awards using your exclusively yours card, log into www.awardhq.com. For security and account recognition purposes, you will be asked for your exclusively yours account number when you enter www.awardhq.com. Your account number is your 15-digit number shown on your exclusively yours® card.
Can I order awards from the On-line Travel, On-line Ticketing and M edia Store featured on the Champions Awards Site using my exclusively yours® points?
No, these special awards can only be ordered using points in your Award Bank Account.
How will I know my Award Bank Point Balance?
To get your award balance, click www.awardhq.com enter your account number then "My Statement" in the upper right hand corner. You may also track your transactions using your Statement.

*Reward cards are issued in connection with a loyalty, award, or promotional program.

Please log on to www.eycardonline to view the Terms and Conditions of use of the exclusively yours card at each of these vendors.